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The best promotions at your fingertips

Browse the best promotions that surround you.

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Stay updated

You will see all current promotions in your area.

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Define your interests

Filter the categories of promotions that interest you.


Locating promotions in your neighborhood

You get access to current promotions in your area.

Marketing automation

The system can integrate with your store's software, automatically activating or deactivating promotions.

Extensive statistics

The system presents precise data on consumer behavior, determined by geolocation.

Consumer anonymity

Data is collected anonymously.


  • Do I have to pay to use the application?

    Consumers use the app for free. Corporate users who advertise their services pay for access to the application.

  • Can I test the program before i join it?

    Yes. The demo version is available.

  • Does the program download and transmit consumer data?

    Not. All statistics are compiled using anonymous data. Your data is not shared.

  • Do I need to register to create a consumer account?

    Not. Just download and install the mobile application.